Prosthetics to victims of the bombings in Boston

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Charles Dankmeyer, a senior member of the Journal of Rehabilitation and 
Development’s Editorial Board; owner of Dankmeyer Inc., a Linthicum, MD, 
prosthetics and orthotics company; and Vice President of the 
American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association, is spearheading a campaign 
to provide state-of-the-art prosthetics to victims of the bombings in Boston. 
Since some of the victims may be either underinsured or uninsured, the 
significant cost of top quality prosthetic limbs may be beyond the resources
of these innocent victims. Thus, the AOPA has contacted both the producers 
of components for the prostheses and specialists who design and fit them for 
contributions to this effort. Dankmeyer reports that the response 
has been overwhelming and nationwide. Every patient will get the devices 
they need, and any cost not covered by insurance will be waived by the 
component producers and prosthetists. No one will be denied state-of-the-art 
prosthetics for financial reasons!

Anyone wishing to contribute to this effort may contact 
Steve Custer at the AOPA,, 
Alex Frank, or Will Harwood


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Stacieann Yuhasz, PhD, JRRD Editor
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