Vibration platforms

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The idea of the vibration platforms was originally developed by Russian scientists and used in space programs designed to keep cosmonauts fit.
How they work:
Exercising with vibrations in the body requires specially designed machines that vibrate the body at specific frequencies. These machines cause whole-body vibration. Vibration is a mechanical irritation on the whole body with oscillation moves. The advantage of exercise on vibrating platform is the mobilization of about 100% of the muscle fibers. In most other resistance activities only 60% of the muscle fibers are used.
Furthermore, this type of exercise stimulates blood flow to muscles and thus helps rehabilitation after a workout. It is known that during exercise the muscles are suffering of fatigue and need proper nutrition and rest to grow.
A person on the vibrating platform tries to keep his head and body straight and upright. All the muscles that keep the body in this position are forced to react to the oscillating movement provided by the machine, so they are exercised.
The subjects needs just a few minutes exercise per week (the duration depends on the type of machine), to have measurable results and benefits. The best known machines use platform that allows the user to perform a variety of exercises, mainly upright, but there are specially designed exercise programmes in which the arms are placed on the platform. Recently one can find weights in the market that cause vibration exercising the arms.
It is now accepted in the scientific world that bones and muscles during the workout produce benefits if the body is loaded through large forces from the ground and / or joints. These forces load the bones and muscles and causing their growth. The mechanical loading of bone can be done either with normal activities (i.e physical exercise), or by applying non-physiological factors, such as whole body vibration. Platforms achieve this goal safely, without injury and quickly. The mechanical loads are applied in a dynamic way, while the intensity is high, everything that we need to get results.
Who should not use the platforms:
Persons included in the following situations and conditions are absolute contraindicated to the use of a vibrating platform: People with blood clotting, heart problems and pacemakers, rheumatoid arthritis subjects, and with severe osteoarthritis. People with arthroplasty (hip, knee). Women during pregnancy and people who suffering from migraines. There are other categories of people who potentially can be excluded, but depends on the type of platform used.

The application of whole body vibration on humans poses significant risks. Long-term application of high power vibration has a deleterious effect on several biological systems. They have been described problems in the spine associated with intervertebral disc herniation, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis and chronic pain disorders, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems.

The application of whole body vibration devices must be manufactured to strict data, to guarantee stability in the parameters of the stress exerted. We advise you before using the platform to be notified of the existence of scientific research concerning the safety and the results which can provide.

Yannis Dionyssiotis, MD, PhD
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