Innovation in KAFO design for patients with knee pain or post operative knee replacement surgery

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Kevin Matthews, an orthotist, came up with an innovation in KAFO design that effectively and comfortably removes 100% of load bearing force at the knee

“This design is indicated for patients suffering from chronic, acute conditions such as failed TKA, hardware removal, severe osteoarthritis…If the load is removed the pain is effectively eliminated. I have attached an introductory video and a video of my first patient. These will be available soon through your local orthotist. Please reply if you’re interested. This design is patent pending. Intro video First patient I hope the links work! I’d appreciate any input!”

In this video Kevin Matthews demonstrates his new KAFO design. This orthosis, or knee brace design is indicated for patients who suffer from chronic, acute knee pain that limits their life. It will also work well for patients who had a post-operative infection after knee replacement surgery and had hardware removed. It effectively removes 100% of the load bearing force at the knee. If there is no load, there is no pain. It is also armor against the outside world. It was originally intended for physicians, and still is, but all can view.

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