6. Black Forest Forum for Musculoskeletal Interactions

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May 12. –15. 2011 Castle Bad Liebenzell

Special workshop Principles of mechanics, muscle function and

muscle bone unit

May 11. 2011

Organized by the German Section of the International Society for Musculoskeletal and

Neuronal Interactions and Hans Schießl

The forum will take place in a friendly informal atmosphere.

The forum addressesespecially young researchers, so we recommend reputed researchers to bring their

students with them.

Topics will be discussed from pediatrics to geriatrics and all otherdisciplines that can help to improve understanding. The meeting of researchers from so many

different fields of interest requires the use of a common language. This language is provided

by the natural sciences with its universal laws and units. Only if we present our results in well

defined units, such as meter, kilogram and seconds understanding can be developed. We

encourage an open discussion based on argumentation, not ideologies. Anything can be


All participants are invited to send an abstract for a lecture.

Especially young researchersare encouraged to present their results.

The forum is limited to 60 participants that will be accepted on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Lectures will be followed by an exhaustive discussion. The chairmen are asked to lend wings

to the discussion and not to limit it.

The workshop “Principles of mechanics, muscle function and muscle bone unit” on May 11.

Especially addresses young researcher and is limited to 25 participants

The meeting is located in an ancient castle near the village Bad Liebenzell in the black forest.

Accommodation is in single or double rooms and 2 rooms for up to 6 persons. Some rooms

are not equipped with individual bathrooms. If necessary further hotel rooms in the city are


Further information is available from:

Johannes Willnecker

Tel.: +49-7231-145421

Fax: +49-7231-1544848


j.willnecker@stratec-med.com  Download here the program of the congress


The aim of this forum is to develop clinically relevant multidisciplinary models for muscle –

bone – neuronal interactions. We want to come to a better understanding of physiological

functions for improved diagnostics and better therapy. The topics include research on muscle,

bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, joints (mechanical factors), nerves, hormones (information

transfer), nutrition and the roles of genes…

6. Black Forest Forum for Musculoskeletal


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