2nd World Congress On Medical Rehabilitation in Rural and Developing Region

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2nd World Congress
On Medical Rehabilitation in Rural and Developing Region
June 11-12, 2011

Dear European Colleagues,

I really need your help on this one.   We need to get the word out to people who are interested in global rehabilitation that this is the meeting to attend.
Some of you know that the International Rehabilitation Forum is a volunteer organization run out of my kitchen with no dues and no outside financial support.  Most of you aren’t quite aware of the huge impact this organization has had, ranging from an expose simultaneously published in 5 major journals around the world, to initiation of global policy discussions on rehabilitation after natural disaster, to significant influence on the upcoming World Disability Report, which will conclude that community-based rehabilitation without PRM leadership is not a standard of care, even for poor countries.  
This year, thanks to support from Walter Frontera, the University of Puerto Rico will sponsor our 2nd World Congress on the weekend before the big ISPRM world congress in June.  (another great meeting to attend!)   Our major focus will be on volunteerism and careers in global rehabilitation.  You know that this is a huge interest among many of our colleagues, especially students and trainees.  
The meeting, by the way, will be awesome.  It’s more networking than talk. We encourage posters and presentations, but we also focus intensely on getting something done as a group.  Breakout sessions will work on improving relations with non-governmental organizations, making a textbook, and regional issues, for instance.  
I don’t have the funds or time to spread the word to everyone.  So I’m calling on you to help.   Please photocopy and post our poster, send emails to your colleagues, residents, alumni, faculty, and staff.   Encourage those who have an interest to join the rest of us.  And if you haven’t done so already, informally ‘join’ the Forum. Check the website www.rehabforum.org for details.  
Andrew J. Haig,M.D.
President, The International Rehabilitation Forum
Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
The University of Michigan
ISPRM Central Office
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