Journal of Novel Physiotherapies

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We are pleased to deliver table of contents alert for Journal of Novel Physiotherapies. ISSN: 2165-7025.

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Special Issue- Advances in Neurorehabilitation Techniques
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation for Camptocormia in Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Report
Author(s) Yohei Okada, Yorihiro Kita, Junji Nakamura, Megumi Tanizawa, Shigeru Morimoto and Koji Shomoto
Online since August 20, 2012
Improvements of Muscle Strength and Gait Ability among Chronic Post-Stroke Patients by Gait Training with a Footpad-Type Locomotion Interface
Author(s) Naoki Tanaka, Takeshige Kanamori, Hideyuki Saitou, Hiroaki Yano, Junko Okuno and Hisako Yanagi
Online since September 21, 2012
Early Intervention with a Tactile Discrimination Task for Phantom Limb Pain that is Related to Superficial Pain: Two Case Reports
Author(s) Michihiro Osumi, Hideki Nakano, Masahiko Kusaba and Shu Morioka
Online since September 25, 2012
Effect of Dynamic Knee Motion on Paralyzed Lower Limb Muscle Activity during Orthotic Gait: A Test for the Effectiveness of the Motor-Assisted Knee Motion Device
Author(s) Hiromi Akahira, Yuko Yamaguchi, Kimitaka Nakazawa, Yuji Ohta and Noritaka Kawashima
Online since September 25, 2012
Application of Glycerin Poultice to the Semitendinous and Semimembranous above the Popliteal Fossa Improves Motor Disturbance in Parkinson Disease
Author(s) Yuzuru Yasuda
Online since September 21, 2012
Gaze Direction Recognition Task for the Rehabilitation of Chronic Neck Pain
Author(s) Satoshi Nobusako, Atsushi Matsuo, Shigekazu Shimizu, Kenta Miki and Shu Morioka
Online since September 25, 2012
Sensory Electrical Stimulation for Recovery of Hand and Arm Function in Stroke Patients: A Review of the Literature
Author(s) Koki Ikuno, Atsushi Matsuo and Koji Shomoto
Online since September 29, 2012
Effects of a Hardness Discrimination Task in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome with Severe Low Back Pain and Disturbed Body Image: Case study
Author(s) Tomohiko Nishigami, Hiroyuki Okuno, Hideki Nakano, Yutaka Omura, Michihiro Osumi, Shimizu Michele Eisemann, Motohiro tsujishita, Akira Mibu and Takahiro Ushida
Online since September 30, 2012
Brain Activity during the Observation, Imagery, and Execution of Tool Use: An fNIRS/EEG Study
Author(s) Hideki Nakano, Kozo Ueta, Michihiro Osumi and Shu Morioka
Online since October 30, 2012
Effect of Presentation of Target on the Physical Performance in Healthy Subjects: A Preliminary Study
Author(s) Makoto Hiyamizu, Yuko Yoshida, Hiroshi Maeoka, Atsushi Matsuo and Shu Morioka
Online since October 08, 2012
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